Børk Blanket – Undir Feld
Illustration and design for a series of 4 blankets for design collective Børk, to be manufactured and sold by Icelandic outdoors brand 66°North.

Undir Feld means under the fur which is an old Icelandic saying for taking time to think about an important decision. The saying refers to Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði who is said to have slept under a large fur blanket while making the decision whether Iceland should take up christianity and ban paganism. The illustration itself is of humanoids under the blanket intertwined, some in naughty positions, but on the whole in the shape of a brain or head. 

Digitally printed on organic cotton with high quality lining. Size: 140cm x 200cm

Tags: Illustration, Product Design

 All work © Sigurður Oddsson 2023